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The Essential Oil of Roman Chamomile – The Gentle Chamomile

Roman Chamomile necessary oil is not simply for a favorite. This is an effective healing oil gentle sufficient for kids. Discover more concerning this oil’s powerful healing abilities in this short article.

The Essential Oil of Birch – If You Find It – It’s Probably Synthetic!

Birch oil is a fantastic healing oil. Yet the only problem exists is presently no production of birch oil throughout the globe. So don’t be tricked. If you discover it– its unreal birch yet either an artificial oil or its wintergreen. Figure out more in this post.

The Essential Oil of Cassia – A Warming Spicy Oil of the Ancient World

Cassia is in the cinnamon household yet is clearly different having a sweeter scent. Considered an oil of gladness as well as an oil of pleasure it was among the oils in the divine anointing oil given by God to Moses. Discover its healing residential or commercial properties in this article and also see why God selected this special oil.

The Essential Oil of Calamus – A Much Maligned Biblical Oil

Calamus was among the 4 components in the divine oil mix given by God to Moses. Exactly how is it we do not recognize very much about this tainted oil? Does it have any kind of redeeming features? Learn in this write-up.

Essential Oils Helpful in Opening the Energy Centers (Chakras)

We are greater than our bodies– we have a magnetic field that surrounds us with energy facilities emanating from a central core– the Chakras understood as our emotional cpus. When we are “out of equilibrium” restorative quality important oils can aid rebalance the body/mind/spirit. Learn what oils help in this post.

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