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The Essential Oil of Angelica, (Angelica Archangelica) An Oil of Angelic Protection

The essential oil of angelica is an older one with a lengthy tradition of healing in Europe. The oil of angels as it is called is said to be of “divine origin.” Discover more of its secrets in this short article.

Essential Oils-A Formula for a Holy Anointing Oil Found in the Bible

God offered Moses a specific formula composed of vital oils for healing the people. Discover how we could use this understanding today to fight modern-day plagues.

What People Really Need to Know About Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Discover the sources and uses aromatherapy necessary oils. Regardless of its apparently complicated name, Aromatherapy has a very straightforward interpretation.

Essential Oil of Balsam Fir – A Royal Oil Fit For Kings

Balsam Fir is an outstanding crucial oil with lots of recovery high qualities as well as a rich background from scriptural times to the present day. Balsam may have been the balm of Gilead and was taken into consideration of “royal” value. Learn just how balsam fir is an important healing oil for body/mind/spirit in this post.

Essential Oils – Frankincense – A Holy Oil Used for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Frankincense necessary oil is thought about one of those uncommon “global recovery oils.” Figure out just how the ancients along with modern aromatherapists are utilizing this oil for healing body, mind and spirit in this write-up.

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